About Us

Tony Holt and the Wildwood Valley Boys is a national band traveling all over the United States and Canada. Based in Southeast Indiana, the band gets its name from Tony’s grandparents’ “Wildwood Farm” near Milan, IN. Originally formed in 1992, the band has seen many changes over the years, but continues to overwhelm crowds all over the country. Mostly traditional by nature, the band performs many originals, penned mostly by the Holt clan, and some old time favorites along with some new material.

Tony Holt – Tony plays guitar and sings most of the lead for the band. He is the only original member of The Wildwood Valley Boys. He also played bass for The Boys From Indiana from 1994-1995, until the band’s retirement. He resides near Milan, IN with his family. His influences include The Osborne Brothers, The Louvin Brothers, George Jones, and Hank Williams.


Contact Tony Holt for bookings
email: tonyholt46@gmail.com or 812-907-0211